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Increase Property Value With Landscape Design

When it comes to buying or selling any property, did you know that landscape plays a role in the overall value of the property? In fact, it has been found that the type of landscape and the condition it is in can help to increase property resale value by up to 14% while also speeding up the selling process by up to 6 weeks! Adding landscaping to your property has also proven to be one of the improvements that can add value to your property immediately. But while landscape design, installation, and maintenance play a significant role in your property’s value and overall curb appeal it has to be done properly and there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost it is highly suggested that you work with a reputable & professional landscaping service. Working with a landscaping expert can help to ensure that you take into account the property, land, and access the different weather elements have to your landscape, and so on. A reputable landscaping service can also help with landscape maintenance when needed and can even set you up with a landscape maintenance plan to keep your plants & foliage healthy and looking their very best.  Along with working with a landscape professional, you should also take into consideration the following landscaping tips. 

Mature Plants –

Mature plants tend to add the most value to your landscape as compared to younger plants. Mature plants not only fully complete your landscape design they also are a bit easier to take care of. 

Long Term vs. Short Term –

Before adding any landscape to your property decide on how long you plan on residing there. For those that plan to be in the home or property for a while, you can tailor your design plan around more long-term goals. While the short term you may want to decide on more short-term landscaping goals to ensure the best return on investment.

Plant Placement –

Deciding on proper plant placement is one of the major reasons it’s important to work with a landscaping expert. Properly placing your plants according to how your property sits in terms of sun & wind exposure is huge. When you select the right plants & place them properly you can help to lower both your cooling & heating bills by up to 20%.

Increased Rental Rates –

Different studies have shown when it comes to rental properties both residential and commercial, the landscape can play a big role in rental rates & how fast the property is rented. In fact, landscape design had the most significant & immediate impact on residential properties being leased. And another study showed rental rates on commercial properties were at least 7% higher for those with well-designed and cared-for landscapes.

Foreigners Investing In Real Estate Abroad

In a previous article we talked about the benefits of investing in real estate in the United States, but what about investing in real estate abroad? While there are many great opportunities to purchase land and homes in foreign countries, some locations are better than others for foreign investors. We have compiled a list of the top 3 places to begin your real estate investing abroad. 


Not only does Spain offer a  great climate and laid-back lifestyle, but the country also allows foreigners to purchase property freely. While you can not purchase property near any military land or international borders, you are able to qualify for in-country mortgages. And with reasonable prices when it comes to the sale of property, Spain just might be the place for you. You will want to keep in mind that it is best to thoroughly research the land or property you choose to make sure you stay up on applicable country & planning regulations. 


There are so many beautiful places in Italy, who wouldn’t want to own property there! When it comes to foreigners purchasing property in Italy, they are allowed to as long as they are members of the European Union or are from a country like the U.S. that has reciprocal owner agreements. When buying property in Italy you will also follow a very strict, yet straightforward procedure. The only thing that may hinder your decision to purchase property in Italy is that it can take a while to find the right land or home for you. Most land and property in Italy is passed down from generation to generation, so I guess you could say it’s not really a buyer’s market. You have to be very patient and take a good opportunity when it comes your way. But once you do own property in Italy it will all have been worthwhile. 

Costa Rica

Not only is Costa Rica another country that boasts an amazing tropical climate pretty much all year round, but the scenery is also beautiful! Foreigners also have the same rights and protections as any other Costa Rican citizen when it comes to buying property & holding the title to the land. One important thing to remember is that no one is allowed, citizens included, to build or own land on any beaches that are in the MaritimeZone, which is from the high-tide zone up to 200 meters inland. Prices for real estate are slightly on the rise but they are still deemed more affordable than both Europe and the United States. You should also beware that there are no requirements on licensing when it comes to buying or selling property, so it is best to find an experienced and credible broker to work with. 

While there are so many great countries that do allow foreigners to buy property, these three countries are some of our favorite. Not only do they all have great climates and beautiful scenery, but they also allow foreigners to purchase land & property and the buying process is relatively simple and to the point.  


Commercial Vehicle Wraps For & Real Estate Marketing

Create A Unique Marketing Strategy

When it comes to advertising your real estate services and networking to connect with potential buyers & sellers it can be a little daunting. Especially if you find yourself in a saturated market of real estate companies, small real estate businesses, and so on. You want to find a way to stand out from the masses and differentiate both your advertising strategy & your services, setting yourself apart from the rest. The best way to go about this is being able to get yourself in front of a multitude of people from different demographics & areas. How can you do this? Commercial vehicle wraps offer one of the most cost-effective & dynamic advertising & marketing strategies for your real estate business. Not only do they act as a mobile billboard reaching potential clients wherever you may go, but commercial wraps also offer one of the best ROIs when it comes to marketing ad spend.

One of the great things about a vehicle wrap for your car, truck, or SUV is the fact that you can customize graphics, colors & finish to achieve the desired results you are looking for. When you work with a reputable vehicle wrap installer they work with you to ensure that all logos, images, colors & details, in general, are placed perfectly to ensure the best result. Vehicle wrap artists are experienced & skilled technicians who understand the grooves & angles that different vehicles present. Working with their vehicle graphics design team they are able to install your commercial wrap expertly leaving you with an individualized marketing strategy that goes where you do.

Benefits Of Commercial Vehicle Wraps


  • Great Investment
  • Adds Vehicle Protection
  • Market Your Entire Fleet of Commercial Vehicles
  • Offers Great ROI
  • Advertise Your Business
  • Solidify Brand Identity
  • Establish Brand/Product Awareness
  • Reach A Multitude of Potential Clients
  • 100% Removable
  • Acts As Mobile Billboard – that you own!

Commercial wraps can help you to solidify your brand identity & also establish brand & product awareness. They are 100% removable and will never damage the underlying paint when removed by an experienced professional. In fact, vehicle wraps actually add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle once they adhere to your vehicle’s exterior surface. They also can help to maintain vehicle resale value & offer a great option when it comes to updating or changing the exterior of your vehicle. If you are looking for a new and innovative way to advertise & market your real seat services, a commercial vehicle wrap may just be what you need!

Buying Your First Rental Property

Rental Property Investing 101

When it comes to purchasing your first rental property there are a few things to take into consideration before you invest in any home. You also need to ensure that you have set realistic expectations because as with any investment, a large profit does not happen overnight. Not to discourage potential buyers seeking rental properties to invest in. However, deciding to invest in a property strictly for rental purposes & as a means of income is a big decision and a number of factors should be considered before making your final decision.

Landlord Material

A serious question to ask yourself is if you are really cut out to be a landlord. Are you handy and able to make small fixes around the property? This trait could help to save you a lot of money on DIY small repairs. Are you good at dealing with people in potentially uncomfortable situations?

Affording The Down Payment

Rental properties are not eligible for renters insurance and thus usually require a bigger down payment than owner-occupied properties. Expect to put at least 20% down in terms of a down payment.

High Interest Rates

You need to be extremely careful about the high-interest rates that can come with investing in a rental property. In fact, interest rates are usually higher for investment properties than they are for traditional mortgages or owner-occupied properties.

Factor In Other Expenses

You also need to factor in other hidden expenses you may not be thinking of right off the bat. You will be responsible for property taxes and possibly homeowner association fees if applicable, homeowners insurance, maintenance, plumbing & other repair expenses.

Margin of Safety

Take a look at your personal debt and make an educated decision on if investing in a rental property at this time is right for you. Yes, with some investors it is savvy to carry debt as part of the portfolio strategy. But to those that have more debt than they can afford or have loans or other unpaid bills that need attention, now may not be the right time to invest.

While there are numerous other important factors to consider before jumping into the rental property real estate pool, the above outline are the first important factors that should be taken into consideration. Deciding to purchase an investment property can end up being a business-savvy decision and providing a high return. It is just ensuring you begin the process the right way from the very beginning. As well as work with a reputable & trustworthy real estate professional.

Benefits of Investing in the Real Estate in the US

real estate

Real estate is a sector of business that includes selling and buying of property. The property generally includes natural resources and materials like the crops, minerals, water, nature and others, which is in amalgamation to the housing in general.

 If you’re investing in a property in the US, then you should know that there are plenty of benefits awaiting you. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of investing in the real estate market in the United States.

The return on investment

The right kind of property will guarantee a high return on the investment, and there are various ways by which you can find a good return on them. It is a no-brainer that the value on the real estate properties generally increases and become better over time. If you’re also looking for a safer investment option, then investing in the US real estate market is the one you ought to consider. The stable economy and the contemporary developments in the States also form a favourable condition and situation for the same.


The mortgage market in the States is the best option for you if you’re interested in real estate. It comprises of a variety of premium options. Every type of investment comprises of industrial property for the investment and various budget considerations. If you wish to have a steady source of passive income, then this is the right one.

Assistance from experts

The unfamiliarity of the market prevails, especially for all the non-residential investors in the United States.  However, there are experts in the town that can help you ease the process and guide you in the right direction, with proper identification of the target property, locations and other conditions. Depending on the type of service, you can also hire a few professionals and other people that can work for you in this regard. This is not only limited to offline means but also available on online sites in the United States.

Assistance in Finance

Even though you’re not a resident of the country, you can still easily find all the loads and other loan programs to buy or sell your property in the real estate market. This will also help save and cover the property and renovation costs. Although loans cover a lot of the costs, the citizen is still expected to make a down payment, on the properties they’re buying.

Welcoming of foreign investors

Due to the significant benefits of the real estate industry in the US market, many of the investors wish to conduct their business in this field. The market is open to such foreign investors and dealers, of course with specific regulations on cost, nationality and other prerequisites. This also includes a lot of paperwork and other investigation procedures, but at the end of the day, extends welcoming arms to foreign and well as national real estate agents.

Can a Foreigner Buy Real-estate in the US?

real estate

If you do not have the patience to read the entire article, then in short, yes, the non-US citizens can also buy properties in the US real estate markets. In fact, they are even allowed to qualify for the mortgage markets with specific prerequisites. However, one downside to the entire procedure is the tediousness of the task and also the tax matters.

If you are looking for a guide to buying real-estate or property in America, then in this guide, we have broken down the process into various steps:

IRS Publication 515

The first any foreign citizen ought to complete before they buy property in the US is to file for the IRS publication 515. It comprises of all the rules and regulations for nonresident aliens. According to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980, the congress imposed taxes on the foreigners who either bull, sell or receive income from the US property interests.

Tax rates

The income for the real estate property sites that are owned by nonresidents of the country sums up to 30%, especially at a lower treaty which is not useful in businesses or trades.

Choosing of property income

If a nonresident holds an interest in a property, then the property is generally required for all the US production in the income. This choice will even imply for all the residents located in the United States. Even if the choice is made, the deductions are generally made in attributable to all the real-estate properties and income. Hence all the net values will be taxable.


This lies under Section 871(d) of how the elections remade and how you can elect them.

The upper hand of elections

Elections generally make a big difference, even in the real estate market, which has multiple implications when for the non-US citizens. With the proper election deductions like the property tax, mortgage interests etc., the tax would reduce to even the taxable income, which would be 30% of the net payable amount.

real estate

Withholding tax

Even the nonresidents of the states will be subjected to a tax of 515 with all the gross sales proceeds and their transactions. This does not apply if the nonresidents have a specific withholding exemption.

State tax

Depending on the residence of the state in America, they are responsible for the state tax withholding and the tax liability based on the state terms.


It is the tax return retort form the real estate that is again associated with the 871(d) of the elections, once they are made. All the foreign residents are forced to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), which is used to file tax returns as well. This applies to the nonresidents and their mortgage taxes.