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Can a Foreigner Buy Real-estate in the US?

real estate

If you do not have the patience to read the entire article, then in short, yes, the non-US citizens can also buy properties in the US real estate markets. In fact, they are even allowed to qualify for the mortgage markets with specific prerequisites. However, one downside to the entire procedure is the tediousness of the task and also the tax matters.

If you are looking for a guide to buying real-estate or property in America, then in this guide, we have broken down the process into various steps:

IRS Publication 515

The first any foreign citizen ought to complete before they buy property in the US is to file for the IRS publication 515. It comprises of all the rules and regulations for nonresident aliens. According to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980, the congress imposed taxes on the foreigners who either bull, sell or receive income from the US property interests.

Tax rates

The income for the real estate property sites that are owned by nonresidents of the country sums up to 30%, especially at a lower treaty which is not useful in businesses or trades.

Choosing of property income

If a nonresident holds an interest in a property, then the property is generally required for all the US production in the income. This choice will even imply for all the residents located in the United States. Even if the choice is made, the deductions are generally made in attributable to all the real-estate properties and income. Hence all the net values will be taxable.


This lies under Section 871(d) of how the elections remade and how you can elect them.

The upper hand of elections

Elections generally make a big difference, even in the real estate market, which has multiple implications when for the non-US citizens. With the proper election deductions like the property tax, mortgage interests etc., the tax would reduce to even the taxable income, which would be 30% of the net payable amount.

real estate

Withholding tax

Even the nonresidents of the states will be subjected to a tax of 515 with all the gross sales proceeds and their transactions. This does not apply if the nonresidents have a specific withholding exemption.

State tax

Depending on the residence of the state in America, they are responsible for the state tax withholding and the tax liability based on the state terms.


It is the tax return retort form the real estate that is again associated with the 871(d) of the elections, once they are made. All the foreign residents are forced to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), which is used to file tax returns as well. This applies to the nonresidents and their mortgage taxes.


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