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Increase Property Value With Landscape Design

When it comes to buying or selling any property, did you know that landscape plays a role in the overall value of the property? In fact, it has been found that the type of landscape and the condition it is in can help to increase property resale value by up to 14% while also speeding up the selling process by up to 6 weeks! Adding landscaping to your property has also proven to be one of the improvements that can add value to your property immediately. But while landscape design, installation, and maintenance play a significant role in your property’s value and overall curb appeal it has to be done properly and there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost it is highly suggested that you work with a reputable & professional landscaping service. Working with a landscaping expert can help to ensure that you take into account the property, land, and access the different weather elements have to your landscape, and so on. A reputable landscaping service can also help with landscape maintenance when needed and can even set you up with a landscape maintenance plan to keep your plants & foliage healthy and looking their very best.  Along with working with a landscape professional, you should also take into consideration the following landscaping tips. 

Mature Plants –

Mature plants tend to add the most value to your landscape as compared to younger plants. Mature plants not only fully complete your landscape design they also are a bit easier to take care of. 

Long Term vs. Short Term –

Before adding any landscape to your property decide on how long you plan on residing there. For those that plan to be in the home or property for a while, you can tailor your design plan around more long-term goals. While the short term you may want to decide on more short-term landscaping goals to ensure the best return on investment.

Plant Placement –

Deciding on proper plant placement is one of the major reasons it’s important to work with a landscaping expert. Properly placing your plants according to how your property sits in terms of sun & wind exposure is huge. When you select the right plants & place them properly you can help to lower both your cooling & heating bills by up to 20%.

Increased Rental Rates –

Different studies have shown when it comes to rental properties both residential and commercial, the landscape can play a big role in rental rates & how fast the property is rented. In fact, landscape design had the most significant & immediate impact on residential properties being leased. And another study showed rental rates on commercial properties were at least 7% higher for those with well-designed and cared-for landscapes.

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